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November 2010


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Company History

Screwtape Studios was founded in November 2010 by friends Megan Summers and Anthony Wood.

The mobile game market was booming and the time seemed right to take the plunge and begin working for ourselves. Over the first 3 years of development we focused on developing mobile games: Conduction, a colour match game, Bank Job, an infinite running where you tap to stop, Zen Snake a 3D remake of 1997's Snake, and released with the Publisher/Accelerator, Right Pedal Studios, Verby a Multiplayer word game.

In 2013, the company was awarded a grant from Screen Australia for a short Demo. When Screwtape Studios started out one of the main aims was to grow to a size where we could support a small team of 10 and maybe help build back up the Brisbane Games industry. Since Starting Damsel we have been able to expand the team to 6 including the owners.

Screwtape Studios is dedicated to making polished, fun games no matter what the platform.

Screwtape Studios is currently working on their first PC and Concole game.


Current Project:


Game Description:

In this arcade platformer, play as agent Damsel as she races across the world keeping humanity safe from the forces of evil. Complete dozens of missions, rescue hostages, gather intel, and eliminate the vampire hordes with an ever expanding arsenal of weapons and equipment. 
Immerse yourself in a beautifully detailed cartoon world, spanning locations across the globe, from the rooftops of New York City to the slums of urban China. With the help of Swan, Damsels friend and handler, unravel a massive conspiracy that goes up to the higher echelons of a corporation founded by the vampire which has one goal; the systematic control and utilisation of the human population for the advancement of vampires everywhere. 


Developed in Brisbane, Australia, Damsel is the debut PC / Console title by Screwtape Studios. Screwtape aims to give players a deep experience that goes beyond the normal trappings of an indie platformer. Incredibly aware of the culture that games and players find themselves in at the moment, Screwtape hopes to add to the conversation using the language they speak most eloquently, and show that no matter who you are, with the right preparation and tools, everyone has the ability to defeat their demons. 


Game Play Features 

  •     Highly detailed cartoon world with dozens of locations. 

  •     Dominate with a tonne of upgradeable weaponry and skills. 

  •     120+ missions to complete. 

  •     Coffin loads of extra challenges and bonuses to extend your play time. 

  •     Awesome original soundtrack. 

  •     Heaps of challenging enemies to reduce to ash with your UV shotgun. 

  •     Full Steam integration with cloud saves, achievements, leaderboards, trading cards, etc 



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Official Selection for Untie 16 Melbourne Made With Unity Showcase!




"OK, so it's got a kickass female protagonist fighting vampire hordes with awesome weapons and saving the world from evil? Yes, please!" - Self Rescuing Princess 




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