Painting the oven, staring at the grime

Hi there.

Another brief art asset/process post. Part of the art process is making the world around Damsel feel lived in. Giving areas Damsel traverses through thematic purpose and just a dash of realism for the player to relate to. So today I painted a big ol' oven.

For this painting I started with just the basic shapes, working from a tiny thumbnail in my sketchbook barely visible to the human eye.

Moving on to add a little detail to the shapes with a bit of shading and some lighting. Breaking up the painting into three pieces: Base (front) Fire pit (Back) and the Vent above.

Sprinkling in more detail with some highlighting, adding a few little items like the vent frame metal straps and the oven pit spikes. As well as the fire pit under the oven, adding heat the colours.

Then really digging in and push those pixels around. Nothing fancy, just grinding that tablet pen and abusing the undo button. Spending hours with my head in an oven observing the grime and grit. Applying it, sharpening the details and adding the heat glow.

Once the base pieces are done, throw some kitchen props in there to make it look busy and used. Ready to sit quietly in the background in Damsel's world