Level Designer Bio


Hi there! I’m Gareth, and I’m the level designer for Damsel. I’ve known Meg since high school and worked with her at my first job in the industry, as a quality assurance tester at Pandemic Studios. Since then, I’ve worked at N3V Games (previously Auran Games) on their Trainz Simulator line of games for PC, as well as most of their mobile games, such as the Dead On Arrival series. I’ve also created a bunch of terrible game jam games and will have surely created more by the time Damsel comes out.

It’s hard to pick a favorite game, but a rough group of them would be Metal Gear Solid, Civilisation, Heroes of Might and Magic 3, Tetris and The Secret of Monkey Island. I love to play anything though, the weirder and more esoteric the better.

On Damsel, I place platforms and other bits of geometry in Unity to make up the levels, but I also do a few other things on the side as well, like mechanic design and narrative. I also organise the weekly games competition, which you’ll probably see on here soon enough.