Sprinting through Damsel


Megan here, your friendly neighborhood Producer. We here at Screwtape Studios have been working on Damsel, our first PC game, for about 9 months. During the Production we have been running 2 week sprints. We have kept our sprints short to be able to divert attention if needed when we reach the end of a sprint. Our latest sprint is a great example of agility. Because we are able to determine potential deficits quickly, we have changed directions for this sprint. 

This sprint we will stop level creation and hone combat mechanics. What looks and sounds great on paper and in our minds can need massaging once the components are in. 

Our Designer Gareth and Programmer/Creative Director Anthony are working together in sandbox levels to massage the mechanics as quickly as possible. As a Producer this is where the two sides of my head fight. We want the best and most creative game possible but, as most game development has a time/budget that needs to be  stuck to, we have given our self deadlines for the creativity. This two week sprint is our deadline for making all the mechanics we have work together. But once we pass the deadline mechanics may get the chop :) 

Dave and David our great art team are continuing with our current environments and next week will begin working on the next level. Come back to see what our next level will look like! 

Nick our animator is continuing to rig and animate our second enemy.

We will all keep posting about the direction of the game and post another video soon! 

Thanks for following Damsel and questions are always welcome.